About Us

At the edge of some of the most dynamic marine wonders in the world, Digby is Canada’s Natural Aquarium, a key destination in the tidal-phenomena Bay of Fundy: home to world famous Digby Scallops, the Digby Area features some of the most engaging and authentic experiences anywhere. Millennia of history, centuries of stories, whale watching, coastal intertidal excustions, hiking, fresh seafood and tidal rivers highlight this beautiful area.

There are many ways to experience the Digby Area. Although our 2020 festivals were postponed due to COVID-19 concerns, we look forward to seeing you as restrictions are lifted. For the latest Information and resources for travellers, click on

In November 2006 the Digby Area Tourism Association (DATA) was officially formed. We have since worked at bringing operators and government together to work towards promoting and developing the Area as a tourism destination. To date DATA has implemented interpretive signage around the area. Highway signage, picnic benches, kiosks and washroom facilities have been part of DATA’s past projects as well.